Strategic Plan 2018-22


The Mission of the Kirkland Town Library is to provide equitable access to information and resources that educate, engage, and inspire the community.

  • champion the vital importance of reading and to support lifelong learning
  • build an informed community and provide a neutral space to encourage participation in civic life
  • adapt to our community’s needs and interests
  • invest in staff, technology, collections and infrastructure
  • offer a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment
  • follow sustainable practices that are environmentally sound, eonomically feasible and socially equitable
  • deliver excellent service to our patrons
The vision of the Kirkland Town Library is to:
  • foster a community where reading and curiosity thrive
  • support diversity
  • collaborate with individuals, businesses and organizations to address the emerging needs of our community
  • offer vibrant, dynamic programming
  • be recognized as a key and valued institution for building and supporting a stronger community

Board Governance: Set, act upon, and achieve the strategic goals of the library.

Advancement: Increase the library’s long-term financial stability and sustainability through development and stewardship in conjunction with the Friends’ efforts.

Community Relations and Advocacy: Increase visibility and awareness for the library and its programs and services by fostering partnerships with community organizations, local media, and other influencers.

Facilities: Ensure the library facility is efficient, functional, and sustainable.

Finance: Implement strategies for the prudent handling of all library funds.

Human Resources: Establish and oversee plans for the recruitment, retention, and development of library employees consistent with the library’s mission and in accordance with state and federal regulations and laws.

Management: Support and evaluate the director’s management of the library. Advise the director, who is responsible for the daily operation of the library.

Policy: Create, implement, and maintain policies for the effective governance of the library.

If interested in specific strategies and yearly goals, please contact the library director.

Adopted by Board of Trustees 12/05/2017