Following is a list of questions and answers about some of the basics of using your library. If there is a question you don’t see on this list, please let us know. Your question may benefit others. Remember that the Kirkland Town Library is your library and we want you to feel comfortable using the library whether you are browsing the stacks or accessing the library from home and afar.

Library Cards

How do I get a library card?

You can apply for a card by printing out the ADULT CARD application form, or you may apply for one at the library. If you print the form, you may mail it or bring it to the library to receive your card. You have your choice of a wallet card or a card that goes on a key chain. The Kirkland Town Library does not charge for library cards. Your library card can be used at any of the Mid-York Library System Libraries.

How do I get my child a library card? 

You may print and return the YOUTH CARD application or come in and apply at the library. Children 12 years of age or younger use the youth application. This must be signed by a parent or guardian.

May I get a Kirkland Town Library library card even if I don’t live in Clinton?

Anyone may get a Kirkland Town Library card.

What do I do if I need a new library card?

Please notify the library if your card is lost or stolen. Replacement cards are free at the Kirkland Town Library.

I have a new address, telephone number, or email address. How do I update my account?

We have change-of-address forms available at the library. You may also call or email us with any information changes you have. (853-2038; clinton@midyork.org)


Can I place a hold on books or other materials?

If any library in the Mid-York Library System catalog owns an item, you may place a hold through the Mid-York catalog (kirklandtownlibrary.org; click on catalog) or by telling us and we can do it for you. The Mid-York Library System is a cooperative system and items come from all 47 member libraries. Items that the Kirkland Town Library owns, including New and Popular items, will fill the holds for Kirkland Town Library patron first. You will be notified when the item arrives for you.

How do I request email notification of items that have arrived?

Just let us know that you prefer to be notified by email.

How long will an item be held for me?

New DVDs will be held for 3days.

Everything else will be held for 1 week.

New and Popular items may be released from a hold within a week if the list is long and you are not able to respond to our telephone or email contact. If your hold is released, you will be responsible for re-requesting the item.

My hold is taking a long time. How long do I have to wait?

If the Kirkland Town Library owns the item on hold, we can estimate when it will be available for you. If the Kirkland Town Library does not own the item and it is New or Popular, it may take a while for the item to arrive. Please ask us to look into any item you have on hold that you think is taking longer than it should.

I will be away and I have placed several holds. Is there a way to keep the holds on my card but not get the books until I return?

Yes, there is a suspend holds option when you log into your account. You may also contact the library and a staff person will suspend your holds until a date that is convenient for you.

What if I do not find the title I want in the Mid-York Catalog?

If you can’t find the record for an item you want in the Mid-York Catalog, please contact the library. We will take your information and try to get the item through Interlibrary Loan (outside of the Mid-York System and they come from all over the country). This includes periodical articles, music, videos, DVDs, and books. These items usually arrive within two weeks.

Borrowing Materials

How many items may I take out?

The item limit on patron cards is 40 but if you have special needs we can accommodate them.

How long may I keep library materials?

2 weeks– Audio Books, Books, CD-Roms, Magazines, Non-Fiction DVDs

1 week-Selected New Books, Music CDs, Older DVDs

3 days- New DVDs

1 day-Overnight Reference Items

If you are going to be away or need extended loans on any materials, please ask at the circulation desk when you check out.

I returned items but they are still showing on my account. Why?

During busy times of the year and after holidays, it may take extra days to process returned items, but all materials are backdated to the day of return. No overdue fines are charged for items returned by the due date. If returned items remain on your card longer than three open days, please notify us.

May I return Kirkland Town Library items to another library in the Mid-York system?

You may return Kirkland Town Library items to other libraries in the Mid-York Library System, but we prefer that you return time-sensitive materials, such as DVDs and New Books, to the Kirkland Town Library because of their high demand.

May I return other Mid-York Library System items to the Kirkland Town Library?

Other Mid-York Library items may be returned to the Kirkland Town Library, but we ask that you follow the borrowing library’s return policies.

How can I renew items that I have checked out?

The first renewal on items can be done in your account through the online catalog. Interlibrary loan items from outside the Mid-York System, items that have holds, and items that are overdue will not renew in your online account. Please email or call the library if you need more time for an item that won’t renew in your account.

Is there a way to have a list of items that I have previously checked out and returned?

If you log into your account and go to Personal Information, Preferences, there is a box to check which states: “Keep my checkout history. I understand the privacy issues.”

We would be happy to print a list of your items every time you check out.

Another way to record your previously checked-out items is to use the My Profile feature in your account in the Mid-York Catalog. After you log in to the catalog, click on My Profile, then click the box in front of the statement “I want all authors and subjects of items I’ve checked out for the last 6 months to be counted automatically as My Favorites.”

You may activate or deactivate this feature at any time.

Charges and Fines

What are the overdue fines?

Overdue fines are determined by material type.

DVDS are $1 per day

MUSIC CDS are .50 per day

ALL other items are .10 per day

Can I pay my fines online?

At this point in time all library fines must be paid at the library.

What are the charges for lost or damaged items?

Charges on lost or damaged items are based on the replacement cost of the item.

Check with a staff person at the circulation desk to determine the cost of the item.